LED Installs

LED Installs

Are you looking to reduce your lighting bills by the installation of energy saving LEDs?

If so we have experience of providing a variety of client-specific LED lighting solutions to a wide range of industries.

To that end we would be able to advise you the customer as to the best solution that meets your requirements which in turn will allow you to benefit from the resulting savings on your energy bills.

Over the years we have installed energy saving LEDs in a wide variety of different environments such as…

  • WarehousesLED_1
  • Churches
  • Office units
  • Industrial units
  • Parish Centres

LEDs save businesses money – up to 90% on annual energy costs which are savings that can be put to better use elsewhere within your business!


Case Study


We had identified a problem and through it the opportunity to make savings for one our customers who are located in an old 19th century flour mill consisting of 5 floors of managed office space who as a result needed to provide its residents with access at any time during the day or night.

It was due to this requirement that the communal corridor lights on each of the floors where lit 24/7 which turn used needless energy.

The lighting itself was of the old 6ft double fluorescent type which were somewhere in the regain of  20+ years old and had started to show their age.



To move away from this 24/7 lighting setup the following was implemented across all 5 floors of the mill…

  • A total rewiring of each floors corridor lighting arrangements.
  • All old fluorescent light fittings replaced with modern equivalent energy saving LEDs.
  • Motion detectors fitted at relevant points within each of the corridors.
  • Timers fitted within a control panel in each of the floors risers.

This meant that timers now controlled the lighting during the daytime hours after which they would automatically turn off.

Any resident coming into the building outside of normal working hours would then be picked up by the motion detectors and that corridors lighting activated.

The above has delighted the customer and resulted in some substantial savings on their energy bills, to see the excellent testimonial we received for this work please click here.

Mill_Corridor_LEDS Mill_corridor_LEDS2