Fault Finding and Repairs

Fault Finding and Repairs

It is a fact that due to electrical installations being in continual use, over a period of time there will be some deterioration in them.

This can be due to a number of different reasons such as…

  • Environmental factors
  • General wear and tear
  • Damage
  • Broken fittings
  • Incorrectly protected circuits

If any of the above are found to be present in your electrical installation it can result in a variety of different problems occurring of which some of the most common types of fault are…

  • Circuit breakers tripping? Cir_Brk
  • Fuses continually blowing?
  • Electric shocks?
  • Overheated cables or fittings?
  • Sockets no power?
  • Lights cease working or flickering?

To keep your installation ‘safe for use’ by either your employees or the public these type of faults need to be investigated and rectified.


Fault Finding

This process begins by talking to the tenant to get a background of the problem after which a visual inspection is carried out for any obvious signs of damage or wear and tear that could have contributed towards the initial problem.

If nothing is found at this stage a series of tests will be carried out using an electric Megger test meter to locate and isolate the actual problem.

Once located the problem will be rectified before the circuit is re-tested again and the appropriate certificate issued to the customer covering the work that has taken place.

It is worth noting that by having a policy of regular maintenance and the correct frequency of EICR testing carried out on their installation the chances of major problems occurring that impact commercial and industrial businesses will be greatly reduced.