Emergency Lighting Tests

What are Emergency Lighting Tests?

Emergency Lighting is designed to illuminate exit routes with adequate lighting during emergency situations in which mains power supply fails.

It needs to be of a sufficiently high standard that it would enable persons to evacuate the premises quickly and safely in the event of a total of partial failure of Emergency Exit power leading to sudden darkness and with a very real possibility of danger to the occupants, through either physical danger or panic.

Emergency Lighting should be tested on a regular basis and the results recorded in a Logbook. For recommended guidelines as to what tests should be performed and the frequency please click Emergency Lighting Test Guide to view the relevant information page.


Legal Requirements

Irrespective of the number of employees in a building if you are located within the UK and allow staff, the public or guests access then the law requires that you must provide Emergency Lighting and have it regularly tested.

To that end the following are mandatory legal requirements… EM_Bulkhead1

  • Maintenance of the equipment.
  • Maintained records in a Log Book showing dates etc of testing taking place.

Failure to comply with the above can result in prosecution of the business, its directors and any managers or personnel who have the responsibility for safety. In the unfortunate event where injuries or death occur, prosecutions can be under Criminal Law.

It is also worth noting that if Emergency Lighting is not provided to adequate levels, irrespective of whether or not your insurance company is aware, your insurance may not even cover you in some circumstances.