Financing Work

Financing your installation work

For any business that is keen to install LEDs and take full advantage of their energy saving benefits or alternatively would like to have their electrics upgraded but are held back because of the initial cost there are finance solutions available that can provide help for the customer.

Affinity Electrical Services can, through one of our partners, arrange for leasing packages to be put together over different terms to suit the customer.

If the customer is interested…

  • The price quoted for the work to be carried out can be incorporated into a leasing agreement that spreads
    payments over an agreed term typically three or five years.
  • Once the leasing agreement and its term have been agreed with the customer they would then start the
    monthly payments in accordance with the selected schedule, there is no requirement for a deposit.
  • Once all of the monthly installments have been paid in full you the customer can transfer the title so that
    they own the work outright by paying a nominal fee.
  • Another advantage of this method of payment is that the bank owns the assets during the duration of the
    agreement as a result the customer may be able to offset the leasing payments (ex VAT) against taxable income.

These packages will give the customer the benefit of progressing their order, having the work carried out and then starting to receive the advantages associated with the improvements which in the case of LEDs would result in improved lighting and a reduction in electricity bills.