Emergency Lighting Test Guide

Guidelines on Frequency of Emergency Lighting Tests

In accordance with BS 5266 Emergency Lighting installations have a requirement to be tested at regular intervals all of which are detailed below.  Guidelines on the tests and who should actually perform them are as follows…

Monthly –  Operational Test which is simply a turning off of the power at the Key_switch relevant key switch point whereupon the fluorescent lamp should then illuminate and the result recorded in the log. Once noted the power can be switched back on again. This should only be carried out by a Competent Person.
Annual –  Full System Test whereby normal power is turned off at the key switch for the duration of the battery discharged test which is generally 3 hours. It is required that this should be carried out by a Qualified Electrician.


Any lights that fail to illuminate once switched Off and On or who fail to stay illuminated within the designated duration time tests will need to be either replaced or if possible repaired.

For safety those buildings which have had a Full System Test where a 3 hour discharge of the batteries has occurred the regulations advise that they should not be occupied until the systems batteries have recharged which normally would be around 24 hours.

As a result of this we would liaise with the Occupier as to when it was convenient to perform this type of test.